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Sarah, so strict

Sarah Brightman was an ever-present presence through the week's rehearsals, stretching and flexing in her pink tracksuit then letting her voice drift off into the musical atmosphere.

The pressures are on her in several ways: not only does she have to achieve one of the most challenging roles given to a singing, dancing actress but also has to vindicate her presence as the wife of the composer.

Throughout the exhausting process of rehearsal, she was the most relaxed person in the place.

The girl who was once a Hot Gossip dancer said: "It is a lot to do because I start off in the play as a dancer, which means I have to get back on pointe.

"Vocally it's hard not just because of the range but you have to get every word out clearly. It's not just a question of thinking of the notes and making a nice noise, you have to tell a story as well".

Michael Owen, The London Standard, 19 September 1986


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