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From one lead to another ... Drue Williams, who plays Greaseball in Starlight Express has a short, muscly and stupid-looking flatmate. But, Drue loves Bronson, his two-year-old bull terrier, and says: "I got Bron when he was seven weeks old, he was advertised in Exchange and Mart, and is a replica of the dog who appeared alongside Bill Sykes in Oliver".

Bronson is the star turn at home - he does a few tricks and will do anything for a sweet. But he also has a habit of walking in a continuous straight line regardless of what might be in front of him. "Ladies with their shopping bags aren't very happy when he bashes into them, but he's got more strength than brains", says Drue who takes him to the theatre every night. You can't fail but see the twosome leave from the stage door, and jump into Drue's red Porsche. "Bron sits in the passenger seat very quietly and won't move, until I go round bends of couse, and then his ear touches the gear stick!"

UK Magazine, date unknown


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