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Starstruck Adam Ward meets Starlight Express stars Maynard Williams and Kim Leeson. Picture: Alex Lentati.

Two visits to Starlight Express, the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, were not enough for 11-year-old Adam Ward from Tunbridge Wells. He had a proposition for the management.

"When Starlight Express shuts", he wrote, "what will happen to the race track, the bridge and the costumes? When I'm 18 I'll be getting a lot of money, and would like to buy the set".

But he admitted to a problem. His mother wouldn't let him see Starlight again. What should he do? The result - Adam got to see the show once more and this time met the stars. The set? Well, The Really Useful Theatre Company who produced the show, thought it was best to wait and see.

Evening Standard, 19 October 1989


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